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My name is John Moylan and I am a photographer from county Clare. I studied wedding photography at Dublin photography school. 

I have a passion for photography including wedding photography and I have gained most my photography experience travelling the world, and living in countries that include Canada, Spain, New Zealand and Australia. Having travelled to over 100 cities around the world I have experienced so many great things, availed of so many photo opportunities, and learnt so much in my travels. I am passionate about photography and believe in delivering nothing but the best to my customers. I expect perfection from my work, and I will deliver to you memories that will last a life-time.

Currently I am focused on shooting weddings and other special events, and I will always be taking travel shots from around the globe.

I will provide you with an exceptional service at a very competitive price. After all I do love my job. I am available for all events and happy to provide a free quote.

Contact me to talk about your upcoming event, I'd love to work with you.

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